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Developmental milestones can play a huge role in your child’s sleep. Children go through several regressions and developmental changes as they grow. Around 8-10 months, your little one will experience separation anxiety. Although very common, separation anxiety can be a difficult phase of development for both mom and baby.

During the separation anxiety phase, we want to make sure we are “filling our child’s bucket” throughout the day, to ensure they can handle the separation that comes with bedtime. Once your child is an independent sleeper, they no longer need to be by your side for sleep! During the separation anxiety stage, your little one might start to fight bedtime and show disinterest in bedtime.

The tush baby hip carrier allows your little one to be by your side, while you navigate the day. The Tushbaby hip carrier is a strap-free, ergonomic hip seat baby carrier that evenly distributes your baby’s weight—so you can carry your little one longer and more comfortably. Say goodbye to he heavy lifting and back pain that comes with holding your baby all day long.

When you’re not using the Tushbaby hip seat, take part in activities that help your child overcome the stressors of separation anxiety. Leave the room for a minute and come right back, Play peek-a-boo with a blanket, or a simple game of hide and seek. All of these activities will teach your little one that you will always come right back and that you have no intention of leaving them long term!

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