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Wondering how I became a sleep consultant?

During my pregnancy, my husband and I often heard comments regarding sleep and how we would apparently never get to experience it again once the baby arrived. “Sleep now because you’ll never sleep again” was a crowd favorite.

Being an elementary school teacher, I know that children thrive on routine and structure. There had to be a way to provide my child with the sleep he needed; so my research began. My sister had previously worked with The Cradle Coach, a sleep consultancy firm based out of South Florida. They helped guide her daughter towards a healthy sleep foundation and I witnessed it happening. I saw how structured her days were and how much sleep she was getting at night. I saw how energized and peaceful she was while awake. I saw the amazing benefits it brought to her entire family!

The day I put my 9-week-old on a regular sleep schedule was when our lives truly changed for the better. Our days now had consistency. He was following predictable nap and feeding schedules. Everything fell into place. By 3 months old, he was sleeping through the night (12 hours straight) and happier than ever during the day! Fast forward 2 years to our daughter being born; I was able to implement a healthy sleep foundation from the beginning and her schedule has always been amazing.

I understand the struggle of being a tired mom and constantly trying to guess what your child needs or wants. As a new mother, you feel like the world is watching and pressuring you to do everything perfectly; that in itself can be exhausting. By implementing a consistent daily schedule and routine, I have created a positive sleep foundation for our family. Our lives are significantly easier and more stable.

Becoming a sleep consultant was one of the best decisions I have made. I love helping frustrated parents succeed while overcoming sleep deprivation and helping their children! As a sleep consultant, I am able to work from home, while earning a full-time salary.

I earned my certification from The Cradle Coach Academy in 2019. The self-paced program was extremely easy to use and provided me with the tools and knowledge needed. I graduated after three months and felt fully prepared to launch my business!

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*Courses are also offered in Espanol*