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Wake windows are the secret ingredient, when it comes to daytime sleep!

When you are using the correct wake windows during the day, your little one will have a better chance hitting restorative sleep. A wake window is going to be the time your child is awake between naps. When your child hits restorative sleep during their nap (an hour and 15 minutes), they can handle a FULL wake window. If they do not hit restorative sleep during their nap (anything under an hour and 15 minutes), you will want to shorten the wake window by at least 30 minutes.

Here is a simple guide to wake windows by age:
0-4 Months: 40-90 minutes
4-6 Months: 1.5-2 hours
6-8 Months: 2.5-3 hours
8-13 Months: 3-4 hours
13-18 Months: 4-5 hours
18 Months -3years: 5-6 hours

You can easily track your little ones wake windows, as well as their diaper changes and feeds, using the Talli Baby Tracker! This one-touch device, sends data directly to your app for easier access!

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