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When it comes to baby sleep, we are always trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. We’re constantly trying to figure out what our babies need, in order to reach their maximum sleep potential. Once we finally figure it out, something is thrown our way! Friends in town, travel, you name it. Those specials events know how to creep in and we just anxiously wait for everything to explode. Well guess, what? Not anymore! The SlumberPod has come to our rescue and we will never look back.

Unfortunately, the SlumberPod wasn’t around for my first two children, so I wasn’t able to give it a try until my third arrived. We purchased our first pod (yes, I have more than one) when our youngest was 7 months old and our lives were forever changed.

As you can imagine, my children sleep in the ultimate sleep environments. All the boxes are check from temperature, to darkness, to sound – they have it all! When I first heard about the SlumberPod, I knew my dreams had finally come true. We are an active family, with children who love to sleep – it was the perfect fit and it still is! Wherever we go, the SlumberPods go. I rely on them for every trip, every vacation, every sleepover and my kids LOVE them. They will quite literally climb inside and claim their spots!

As a family of five, we are able to sleep in one room without having to worry about disrupting anyone that is sleeping. The SlumberPod makes it easy for us to accommodate our children, as well as guests in our own home. Whether it is over a pack n play, or a toddler air mattress, we are prepared for both naps and nighttime sleep!

The SlumberPod eases my mind, knowing my children will still get the rest that they need while on the go. The monitor pocket makes it easy for us to keep our eyes on them, while they are sleeping. The breathable material and fan insert help keep our little ones nice and cool as they rest.

The stress factor that comes with planning a trip, while worrying about how your little one will sleep, completely goes away when you have your SlumberPod packed! It has not only changed the way we travel, it has made it so much easier!