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When it comes to baby sleep, we all know that the sleep environment it KEY! The sleepout blackout curtains are an easy, and efficient way, to black out your little one’s sleep space on the go!

The Sleepout portable blackout curtains are easy to use. The suction cups provided ensure a secure hold, and can be attached to any window – not matter the size! The thick fabric blocks out all natural light and can even be secured on the sides, to ensure no light gets in.

The Sleepout eases your mind, knowing your children will still get the rest that they need while on the go. You can officially say good-bye to hanging blankets and towels from the curtain rods!

The stress factor that comes with planning a trip, while worrying about how your little one will sleep, completely goes away when you have your Sleepout packed! It is small enough to travel with and takes minutes to set up!

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