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Infant Sleep Training

Are you a new mother struggling to maintain a healthy sleep schedule and considering options for infant sleep training? Establishing a stable sleep schedule for your child can prove to be complicated and draining. Well Rested Mama is a childhood sleep consultancy firm that specializes in creating personalized sleep training plans for infants and young children. Sleep training refers to the process of conditioning a child to fall and remain asleep by themselves without the attention of a parent. We currently offer our services to moms throughout the Tampa and Clearwater, Florida areas as well as online services to anyone around the USA.

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Additional Services

Additional support packages may only be added on to the Well Rested Mama Sleep Plan + Support, the Well Rested Twins Sleep Plan + Support, and the Well Rested Mama In-home Package.

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Optimized Sleep Training

Our powerful sleep training plans are customized to meet the individual needs of every parent and child. Many parents assume that our strategy involves letting children “cry it out” while taking no action. Although this is a common practice in sleep training that our company utilizes, we understand the reluctance some parents have to this approach. That’s why we focus on analyzing sleep habits to create alternative no-cry sleep solutions that both parents and children are comfortable with. Through a combination of traditional sleep learning and personalized guidance, Well Rested Mama offers a painless solution to the debilitating problem of sleep deprivation for families in Tampa and Clearwater, Florida. We practice a variety of training techniques, including but not limited to:

  • Weissbluth Method
  • Ferber Method
  • Graduated Extinction
  • The Chair Method
  • Fading Approach

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Find the Perfect Sleep Coach

We make it a priority to match each client with the most suitable sleep coach to help guide them through their training journey. Our team of professional sleep consultants is dedicated to providing every customer with the necessary information and support to achieve their sleep goals. If you reside in the Tampa or Clearwater area and find yourself Googling “infant sleep training near me,” make sure to contact Well Rested Mama! We can’t wait to meet your family and help bring peace back into your lives.

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Review the following documents for helpful information and guidance on childhood sleep training.

Baby Sleep Tips


Free Regression Guide


Newborn Daily Log Organizer

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Customer Testimonials

Our 3-year-old daughter was extremely difficult to put down and would wake several times throughout the night. Cara created a personalized daily schedule that accommodated our hectic lives. We both work full-time and participate in extracurricular activities every night of the week. If we can do it, anyone can! Cara was with us every step of the process to celebrate our successes and brainstorm if anything needed to be adjusted. I’m amazed to say that by night four, a yearlong bad habit was completely eradicated. Our daughter now stays in bed after being tucked in, falls asleep within five to ten minutes and sleeps through the entire night. Sleep training is a simple process and it works!

Cara, our infant sleep consultant from Well Rested Mama helped us create a healthy sleep foundation for our son at only 9 weeks old. She established a plan that perfectly suited our family and scheduling needs. Her plan educated us on how to give our child the sleep he needed on a daily basis. By implementing the plan early on and teaching our son the necessary skills to maintain good sleep, we don’t foresee anymore sleep training in our future.

Our son was impossible to put down at night. My husband or I would have to lie on his bedroom floor or even climb into his crib. At nearly 2 years old, he was still unable to sleep through the night. We contacted Cara for help and within 3 days, our little boy was going to bed much more easily and sleeping peacefully through the night. The process was painless and her support got us through!

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Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions; we are here to support you!

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Our business received its certification in sleep consulting from the renowned Cradle Coach Academy.

Our Tampa Clearwater sleep training consultants have the proper education, training, and reputation to best serve our clients in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Pete, and across the USA and help both mothers and babies get the sleep they so desperately need.