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Review the following documents for helpful information and guidance on childhood sleep training.

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Customer Testimonials

Our 3-year-old daughter was extremely difficult to put down and would wake several times throughout the night. Cara created a personalized daily schedule that accommodated our hectic lives. We both work full-time and participate in extracurricular activities every night of the week. If we can do it, anyone can! Cara was with us every step of the process to celebrate our successes and brainstorm if anything needed to be adjusted. I’m amazed to say that by night four, a yearlong bad habit was completely eradicated. Our daughter now stays in bed after being tucked in, falls asleep within five to ten minutes and sleeps through the entire night. Sleep training is a simple process and it works!

Cara, our infant sleep consultant from Well Rested Mama helped us create a healthy sleep foundation for our son at only 9 weeks old. She established a plan that perfectly suited our family and scheduling needs. Her plan educated us on how to give our child the sleep he needed on a daily basis. By implementing the plan early on and teaching our son the necessary skills to maintain good sleep, we don’t foresee anymore sleep training in our future.

Our son was impossible to put down at night. My husband or I would have to lie on his bedroom floor or even climb into his crib. At nearly 2 years old, he was still unable to sleep through the night. We contacted Cara for help and within 3 days, our little boy was going to bed much more easily and sleeping peacefully through the night. The process was painless and her support got us through!