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Did you know that sleep training starts with the bedtime routine? It is so important that your child is able to identify when bedtime is coming, so they are able to mentally prepare for sleep. A bedtime routine is made up of simple steps that parents can take to get their little ones ready for bed. If you are looking to implement a simple bedtime routine with your child, here are some easy steps:

  • Give baby a nice warm bath
  • Offer a nighttime massage with lotion
  • Pajamas
  • Read one story
  • Offer one last feed
  • Place baby in their sleep sack
  • Turn on white noise
  • Turn off the lights
  • Rock baby for a few moments
  • Place baby down awake in their crib

You can make the bedtime routine your own, by adding in any special moments you’d like to share with your child before bed. A bedtime routine helps your child prepare for sleep and it helps them identify they are going to bed. A sleep sack is going to be a physical sign for your child during this time. It not only helps your child know that they are going to sleep, but it acts as a wearable blanket during the night. Sleep sacks can be a part of your child’s bedtime routine until they are sleeping in a toddler bed. In fact, they will lessen your child’s chances of climbing out of the crib. Dreamland Baby Co. makes products for every age from will swaddles to full-sized blankets.